WaterCamp creates unique inflatable water parks with separate components that can be combined to a complete waterpark.

Custom design

WaterCamp offers the possibility to create unique components. The possibilities are endless, and we can offer a water park tailored to almost any situation. We all have our corporate identity. But the special thing about us that our ID is yours. So we can make our parks in the colors of your ID but also we can place your logo on our products and even we can design products only for you. So in our opinion everything is possible.


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Creating profit from inflation


Our parks are even more fun because of all the safety measurements. Al are products are designed to have fun but the most important design factor is safety. And all our products but also all the parks in the water are tested by a third party.



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Climb carefully and you can reach the other side without falling into the water.


It doesn’t stop with buying an waterpark it just begins there. We will help you with everything you need to run a fun and safe waterpark. From marketing material to safety guidelines.


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