WaterCamp creates unique inflatable water parks with separate components that can be combined to a complete water park. Below are a few examples of our custom made components. We offer the possibility to create a completely unique look.

Hexa Walk

Walking, running or jumping… no matter what the strategy is to complete the Hexa walk component, this is one hell of a challenge. It will test stability, speed, coordination and endurance. The Hexa Walk is a component that can be used to connect two other WaterCamp components within a waterpark. It stretches 6 metres and that is a pretty long walk on a wobbly surface surrounded by the water and other challengers who are also trying to complete the Hexa Walk.
Challenges: stability, speed, coordination, endurance
Measurement: 6 x 2 x 1,5 meter (L x W x H)

Hexa Tower

Our Mount Everest on the water, that is how we like to call our Hexa Tower. It takes courage, strength and endurance to conquer this component. Its height is an impressive 4,5 metres. Standing that high above the water surface can give anyone shaky legs. Once people get to the top, they are rewarded with a slide into the refreshing water. This makes the Hexa Tower the perfect ending to a challenging park. Because the tower has openings below the top it also offers a place to chill.
Challenges: strength, endurance, courage
Measurement: 8 x 3 x 4,5 meter (L x W x H)

Hexa Hole

The Hexa Hole divides its challengers into two types: jumpers & walkers. The jumpers just go for it and take on a jump of approximately 2 metres. The walkers avoid the chance of a big splash and use the edge to get to the other side.
The Hexa hole is a component that can be used to connect two, three or even four other WaterCamp components. That means the Hexa Hole can be used as an intersection, connecting up to four differents routes within a waterpark.
Challenges: jumping ability, stability, coordination
Measurement: 2,5 x 2,5 x 0,5 meter (L x W x H)

Hexa Climb

The Hexa Climb is a crazy component that will leave its challengers puzzled. Getting to the middle is a big challenge especially with others trying to do the same. For those competitive people out there we incorporated some extra challenges, which requires strength and endurance. The Hexa Climb has three floors. Getting to the second or even the third floor will be a real victory. With its height of 4 metres and remarkable shape, this component is a real eye catcher.
Challenges: strenght, endurance, courage
Measurement: 6 x 4 x 4 meter (L x W x H)

Cone Walk

The Cone Walk means triple trouble for those taking on this challenging component. There are several options. You can go over the top of a cone and slide to the next or try to use the wobbly rim to get to the other end. Or jump and just reach for the stars. The Hexa hole is an ideal component that can be used to connect two other WaterCamp components. It has a length of 6 metres and therefore can keep several challengers entertained at the same time.
Challenges: jumping ability, stability, coordination, endurance
Measurement: 6 x 2 x 1,5 meter (L x W x H)

And many more..